Boise Hot Air Balloon Ride Log

Boise Hot Air Balloon Ride Log – Idaho Hot Air Lines

July 15.2010

Marshmellows? NO! Boise Hot Air Balloons!Last weekends hot air balloon flight was a wonderful success! We were blessed with perfect winds to take off from Boise in Garden City and touch down just outside Eagle Idaho near Beacon Light. Our hot air balloon pilot Jim did a exemplary job of providing our passengers with another most exceptional hot air balloon ride! (the crew of course would tease him that he did JUST missed his favorite park to land in! – we love ya anyway Jim! )

Martha's Mink Boise Hot Air Balloon
Want to fly in our beautiful Boise balloons?! We have some of the best hot air balloons in Boise, and wonderful pilots and crew! Idaho Hot Air Lines has been doing it right for over 30 years – quality isn’t just a must, it’s our tradition!

We are looking forward to this coming weekend when we might be doing something just a little bit different…more details to come – stay tuned to this page and keep your eyes on the skies Idaho!!!

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