The Spirit of Ballooning in Boise

Want to get up close to a hot air balloon?

photo by hinsel©You don’t have to wait, or make it a once in a year opportunity – our pilots have plenty of spirit!

We love the local Spirit of Boise balloon rally – it’s a great time for the community and for hot air balloonist in Idaho – but many people seem to think hot air ballooning is just a once a year thing in Boise, and that is simply not true!

Our dedicated hot air balloon pilots and crew are out flying over the jewel of the Gem State nearly every weekend between April and October! Weather permitting of course – we never fly when winds are adverse or safety is at question!

Our  season is in full swing and we’ve been having a blast!

So don’t wait to get up close to a hot air balloon! Fans, watchers, and photographers are always welcome to come see what we do – be prepared though, we may put you to work! And we’re ALWAYS glad to welcome new passengers as well!

Our Summer season has been jam packed but there’s still spots open so give us a call to schedule your flight to adventure in a Idaho hot air balloon today!